Guy Grayson's PledgePage

Hello my name is Guy Grayson and I eat, live and breath animal advocacy with every fiber and nearly every act of my being. My life without it would be nothing, for I am too deeply flawed. It's entirely about the endless animals who suffer EVERY SECOND of their lives on factory farms, I am insignificant but for my unwavering determination to inform others of these horrors.
For many years I've been pamphletting literature covering cruelty-free eating-taking it to the streets of Queens N.Y. But it has only been since 2,014 that I've been doing it approximately 12-17 hours each and every day in all types of weather with few exception. Personally reaching tens of thousands of people...and with your help I'll reach far over a million others in years to come.
I have never asked for nor received any compensation for this work. But I cannot keep this up without your support, or someone's support.
You may be wondering why I just don't work for an animal rights org? Here's why: #1 Cause I would just be filling in a position which anyone else would be doing for a regular paycheck and adding no real impact which wouldn't be made by someone else-position filled.That is why I've decided to create my own position with your help-one that I know we're not just filling but creating, thus having maximum impact.I could hand far more pamphlets out on college campuses, but they are already being targeted by organizations and I'd have little added impact. Very few people hit the streets or anywhere all day everyday pamphletting, the former Dir. of Vegan Outreach said my hours are unheard of.
Queen's is so diverse and when I witness people who are reading one of the anti-meat booklets for the first time,seeing the Torturous conditions the animals raised for food are kept in for their entire lives...well the deeply etched compassion on the reader's faces shows that our similarities far outweigh our differences. And many, many people bring these booklets home to different continents and dozens and dozens of countries,of widely different cultures and faiths, all having compassion in common.
I need to reach out to everyone in Queen's and beyond...not just the campuses,I will do this even if it takes an entire lifetime..but I need your support on this mission of mine/ours. I hand out much literature from Vegan Outreach...(although not excusively) they send me up to 5,000 booklets at a time-FREE OF CHARGE.So I am not requesting money to cover the cost of the pamphlets (although you can go to vegan if you want to reimburse them or do personal outreach) I am just asking for finacial help so that I may continue to reach everyone out here with a pamphlet. So that the people can then make an informed decision to go vegan, veg or simply cut down on their meat, fish and poultry intake, sparing the animals from an entire lifetime of suffering,helping the environment,improving on human health,among many, many other reasons why eating less meat is the most progressive and sustainable way to live-Ethics in practice,not just in theory.
They say "don't take life too seriously" I get it, but know, easing extreme suffering must take TOP PRIORITY-even when those others are "just" farm animals.
,An Unrelenting Voice,Guy Grayson. veganwalkpledgepage. My gmail is I have to run back out and pamphlet now, thanks for the listen and I understand if you just can't donate. I'll just keep trying to find ways to stay out there all day. I promise all of you as I have laid promise on myself-that I will never burn out nor stop fighting for these sentient beings till my very last breathe.